Being Kin-ected

At Kinatico we care about the impact our business has on our customers, our people, the environment, and our community.We support a range of programs and activities to encourage a healthier body, mind and spirit.Our culture contributes to giving, growing and really knowing people.


Kinatico is committed to ensuring diversity is at the heart of the way we Kinect with each other and our customers. Our people reflect the diversity of our clients and the many communities and markets where we work. We strive to maintain a culture that empowers our team and recognises that our team's strength comes from everyone's individuality. Our commitment to diversity includes:
  • Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates for all positions, including senior management and executive
  • Developing programs to develop a broader pool of skilled and experienced senior management and Board candidates, including, workplace development programs, mentoring programs and targeted training and development
  • Developing a culture which takes account of domestic responsibilities of employees
  • ... and more as we continue to strive for the great!


Our purpose Kinects us.
We genuinely care about the community we work and live in.
We are proudly committed to supporting and making a difference.
For us, this involves giving back to our community through ensuring local clubs and charities have the right checks and verifications behind them to safely and confidently operate their services.

Environment + Sustainability

As a provider of online services, Kinatico's environmental footprint is relatively low, however as an organisation, we focus on sustainability issues that are most relevant to our customers, community and business. In accordance with our Environmental and Sustainability policy we have introduced initiatives such as:
  • Powering down non-essential IT environments on weekends
  • Host all forms of waste recycling within our offices across Australia and New Zealand
  • 5-Star NABERS Energy rating at Australia HQ
  • 5-Star Green star Australia HQ office rating

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