Walk the Talk for Better Mental Health

Whilst our technology helps organisations know their people, here at Kinatico, we make every effort to know OUR people. Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment is not just a part of our culture; it’s our commitment.  

Like many organisastions can attest to, in a fast-paced working environment it’s important to stop and celebrate, recognise and connect – and we do just that.   

So how do we walk the talk? All year round we actively engage in purpose-led conversations, take part in charity initiatives and challenges, and give back to the community through corporate customer activities. More recently, our internal activities have purposely focused on the mental health of our people… and their people.

Pushing For Better  

We push for better in June by taking part in the annual Push Up Challenge. The Push-Up Challenge is Australia’s (and fast becoming a global initiative) largest mental health and fitness event. Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations take up the challenge to complete a set number of push-ups that represent the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in the most recent year of available data. Through the app and initiative, our people are educated with daily mental health facts, and have the opportunity to fundraise for one of our chosen mental health charities.  

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RU Really OK? 

Inclusion on purpose and talking about how we show others that they matter is a conversation we have all year round. It is a basic human need to feel noticed, needed and affirmed, and our people regularly give examples of how their KinatiColleagues have done this for them. The actions are often small – a quick message to check in on someone via teams or simply making conversation in the kitchen often has a big impact at an individual level. With 59% of hybrid workers (Microsoft’s Work Trends Index) identifying that they have fewer work friends since moving away from full-time work in a shared office space, RUOK? Day is a good reminder for our team to take time to check in and then check in again on each other.” 

—Odelia Sarre, Chief People Officer 

Changing the Face of Men’s Health

As the calendar year comes to a close, November see’s us take part in Movember to champion men’s health. This initiative is testament to our belief in supporting our colleagues and making a meaningful impact. How do we do this? We have an internal Movember ambassador who leads the challenge (and the fun), this sparks conversation with our customers and of course – some light-hearted resemblances as the different tache’s take shape! Most importantly, Movember see’s our Kinatican’s connect on a whole other level.

Stories close to our Kinatican’s heart are shared across the business, we see our people having open conversations and embracing one another. We’re simply, Kinecting. Kinatico funds raised (which are matched by our executive team!) enable the Movember team to facilitate three SpeakEasy workshops for workplaces, clubs, and groups, aiding men in nurturing mental health skills and normalising open discussions, AND facilitate mental health literacy training for four coaches in a community sports club.   

Our team’s strength comes from everyone’s individuality, and we take pride in the dedication and positive impact we have achieved as a team today. It’s important for our customers to know their people, and we take pride in sharing insights into our people. Forming better connections with our colleagues, customers and partners helps our vision. A world where data is trusted and respected, and organisastions are free to focus on opportunities.

For more information, click here to explore ways to ask for support, help others, or download resources to share in your home or workplace.