Celebrating Diversity at Kinatico with Djurandi Dreaming

At Kinatico, we recognise and celebrate the importance of our Indigenous culture and heritage in Australia. This is why we are proud to have celebrated NAIDOC week this year by having Djurandi Dreaming in our office.

NAIDOC week is an important time for us to come together and show respect to the Traditional Owners of this land, members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We strive to honour their cultures and history through activities that promote understanding, education, appreciation, and recognition. Our commitment to sharing knowledge, stories, and art with our team serves as a reminder that we are all part of the same land and are grateful for the privilege of living and working in such a beautiful country.

Team members had the chance to connect with each other on a deeper level through these meaningful conversations which could only be held in safe spaces created by those who have lived these experiences themselves.

“It was a unique opportunity to have Djurandi Dreaming share traditional stories and wisdom from the Nyungar nation while also taking us through an interactive art workshop. Together we learned about the symbols, stories and colours behind Nyungar art resulting in a collaborative finished piece. At Kinatico we strive for inclusion on purpose to create belonging, it is one of the ways in which we live our value Our team’s strength comes from everyone’s individuality. An outcome of this is the diversity within our team, it is important to us that our team is reflective of our community and our customers, and that Kinatico is a place where people feel that they belong.”

Odelia Sarre, Chief People Officer, Kinatico