Know Your People This R U OK Day

At Kinatico, our role in workforce compliance is to help organisations across the world know their people and the cruciality behind doing so. But when it comes to the emotional and mental well-being of our Kinaticans, what truly matters is the health and happiness of our people. This ethos resonates especially as R U OK Day comes around as a reminder of the importance of checking in on one another.

Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment is embedded in our culture. Our commitment to our employee’s wellbeing goes beyond designated days, extending to each working moment.

So, how do we proactively engage in R U OK Day initiatives all year round?

  • Every other Friday a different Kinatico department hosts team food, drinks and games providing an opportunity for teams to wind down, connect with peers away from our desks and check-in on each other
  • Providing Kinaticans with access to the Benestar BeneHub (Employee Assistance Program) – an always accessible resource allowing our people to take charge of their own wellbeing with access to a number of tools and content related to mind, work, family, money, health and wellbeing.
  • We make sure others who need support are okay by volunteering time and resources to local and global charities (read more)
  • We continue to align our company mission with our own purpose and reason for showing up to work each day to encourage meaningful work

Hear from our Chief People Officer, Odelia Sarre on fostering an inclusive environment and R U OK Day initiatives at Kinatico:

“Inclusion on purpose and talking about how we show others that they matter is a conversation we have all year round. It is a basic human need to feel noticed, needed and affirmed and our people regularly give examples of how their KinatiColleagues have done this for them. The actions are often small – a quick message to check-in on someone via teams or simply making conversation in the kitchen often has a big impact at an individual level.

With 59% of hybrid workers (Microsoft’s Work Trends Index) identifying that they have fewer work friends since moving away full-time work in a shared office space, RUOK? Day is a good reminder for our team to take time to check-in and then check-in again on each other.”

For more information about R U OK Day, click here and explore ways you can ask for support, help others or simply download resources to share in your home or workplace.