Leading a Team With Exceptional Customer Focus and Commitment

Let’s start with explaining your role at Kinatico!

As the Chief Customer Officer, I am responsible for ensuring our customers have a great experience when interacting with our products and our staff.

Tell us about life before Kinatico, what led you here?

My business partner, Declan Hoare, and I, were Executive Directors of Bright People Technologies. Bright was acquired by CV Check in April 2021 and both Declan and I subsequently joined CV Check as Executives. All our staff came too and we, with the CV Check team, have spent the last 18 months working to create something brand new.

How has the experience of building the Kinatico Customer Team been?

I have been extremely fortunate to have taken over a team of people who already have exceptional customer focus and commitment. From those core values it has simply been a matter of hiring team members with the right personal values and training them in the technical elements of our business.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Spend more time on the business not in the business.

What sets your role at Kinatico apart from other organisations?

The scope of my role is quite broad in that I become involved in a wide range of activities beyond front line customer engagement. Anything which impacts our customers – be it our product interface, our issue resolution process or delivering customer development requirements means I become involved.

How does the Kinatico company purpose resonate with you personally? (Purpose: Powering insights for better, safer workplace)

At its core, most regulation is designed to protect people and companies, but no-one could accuse compliance management software of sounding sexy! So, the purpose resonates because it describes why we do what we do and making workplaces better and safer sounds like a worthy cause to me.

In a demanding senior role, how do you ensure you are okay/achieve a work-life balance and set an example of this for your team?

As I have gotten older, I realise that I did not have work-life balance when I was building my career and I want to ensure I don’t do that to my team. But it feels a little hypocritical responding to this by espousing balance, as I am conscious that many of the team are currently under a lot of pressure due to staffing pressures and the tough labour market, so I would say that the example I am setting is to try to explore all resourcing options to find extra staff and leverage ways to automate our business to relieve the pressure.