Webinar: What You’re Missing in HR Compliance (And What to Do About It)

Every year, thousands of businesses face penalties for overlooking or misinterpreting requirements under Fair Work and employment legislation.

To make matters worse, HR compliance is becoming increasingly complex, and changes are arriving faster than ever.

Getting it wrong could result in hefty financial penalties and damage to your brand.

Today, there is a clear focus from the ATO, Fair Work, and revenue authorities on policing workforce wage compliance. If you hold responsibility for wage compliance in your business, it’s essential that you are proactive in meeting your obligations and putting safeguards in place to ensure ongoing compliance.

In this practical, fact-filled webinar we’ll share the current state of workforce wage compliance and deliver usable and practical insights that are applicable from ASX listed companies all the way through to small businesses.

Our expert panel for the webinar includes:

Rick Kimberley leads the Australian Global Employer Services (GES) practice at RSM having previously spent his career working for the Big 4 professional services firms.

Rick is well known for his work conducted in relation to wage compliance matters across all industries, which includes representing 4 of the current ASX top 25 companies on these issues, as well small private companies.

Craig Sharp is Company Secretary of Kinatico Ltd and also serves as General Counsel of the Kinatico group. Craig is an admitted legal practitioner with more than 30 years post-admission experience, including more than a decade working in Know Your People services. He holds a Masters of Law and Bachelor of Jurisprudence degrees from the University of Western Australia.

Why you should attend:

Key takeaways from this fast-paced event will include:

  • Key issues with respect to wage compliance and employer obligations
  • Common triggers for non-compliance
  • Steps organisations should be taking to ensure compliance
  • Five best practice safeguards you can use to achieve compliance
  • The changing role and risks for executives and management in compliance

Who should attend:

This webinar is for you if you are a professional in HR and Workforce Compliance who is accountable for the compliance status and risk agenda of your organisation’s employees and contractors (or you support someone who is).

If you can’t make the webinar, we will send you a link to the recording.

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