Self-Service in Automated Compliance Management

Spare a thought for compliance admins of the past. Before the emergence of automated solutions, most of their time was taken up by “busy work” – manual data entry into lengthy spreadsheets and constantly having to chase up workers and contractors for their credentials.  

Unfortunately, this is still a reality for many compliance admins. McKinsey research revealed that a typical HR department still spends nearly 60% of its time and resources on transactional and operational work.  

The good news is that with next-generation automation technology, we no longer have to fight a never-ending battle with administrative complexity. Smart platforms like Kinatico remove the manual burden and create more time for strategic and value-adding tasks.  

However, even the smartest system will only reduce the need for manual input if it incorporates one essential element: self-service.  

Self-Service Benefits

Research from Salesforce found that self-service reduces costs and errors related to manual data input, improves productivity, reduces paper waste, teaches users new skills, and helps the organisation gather user data (working within the bounds of their privacy policy) that can be leveraged for greater personalisation and improved UX.   

Self-service portals in compliance management also encourage workers and contractors to take ownership of their credentials rather than regard compliance as somebody else’s responsibility.  

But it’s not just about efficiency benefits for the organisation. Users prefer self-service, too. Customer service experts commonly point to a generational divide where older customers prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a human. In contrast, Millennials and Gen Zs prefer to solve their issues themselves. According to Commbox:  

“Millennials are self-reliant and technology dependent. This autonomous group prefers to solve customer service issues themselves, using available technology rather than the frustrating wait of communicating directly with an agent.”  

The Harvard Business Review found that 81% of customers across industries attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative. Workers and contractors value self-service because it means they can:  

  • They have the autonomy to view and manage their data, taking ownership of their compliance requirements.  
  • Manage compliance easily in a remote working environment.  
  • Bypass the need to explain their requirements to someone over the phone.  
  • Skip the phone queue if call centres are busy.  
  • Access the portal wherever (using their mobile) and whenever (outside business hours), making this an ideal option for geographically diverse teams.  
  • View their credentials at any time without having to request access from a company representative.  

There are two important caveats: users should be able to reach a live agent by phone when needed and should be able to find the information they need online via a comprehensive FAQ portal.  

How Kinatico’s Self-Service Offering Works

Kinatico automatically sends alerts to workers and contractors about upcoming certification expiry and prompts them to maintain compliance. Alerts are also sent to the admin team so they can manage by exception if the worker/contractor does not appear to be taking action. 

Once they have renewed their credentials, each worker or contractor can easily supply their information via their mobile device. Again, the admin team can access and update their information if required.  

The documentation is verified with the issuing provider via direct data feeds as soon as it is uploaded to Kinatico. Helpful automatic alerts mean workers and contractors will always keep their credentials intact.  

Admins get a unified, real-time view of workers’ and contractors’ compliance status across the organisation, with the ability to drill down to a single worker or contractor when needed.  

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