Is Technology The Key To Improving Employee Experience And Generating Better Business Outcomes?

Employees are every company’s backbone, a valuable system that must be kept operational. Except they aren’t a system, they are people, and the factors which contribute to their productivity and efficiency are nuanced and complex. Remuneration, health benefits, workplace culture, workload, simplicity of processes—all of these impact employee experience.

And as NTT Data’s 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report revealed, 94% of company decision makers say improved employee experience directly influences their net profit. (Tilo, 2024)

Employee experience insights from the best workplaces

When employee experience directly impacts not only staff retention but also overall business success, investing time to get it right is vital. Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, creates both national and international Best Workplaces lists every year—a tool that clearly outlines the components necessary to offer a competitive employee experience. (Australian Associated Press, 2023)

Cisco was named Australia’s Best Workplace 2023 for the large company category. Their regional Vice President, Ben Dawson, cited the tech company’s people-first strategy, and culture of trust and transparency, but also explained that ‘In the hybrid world that we all now operate in, enabling our people to work flexibly, underpinned by the right technology, remains a priority for us’. (Giannelis, 2023)

The global winner, Hilton, referenced their dedication to nurturing an inclusive, supportive culture, providing purpose-driven work and strong growth opportunities, and offering ‘best-in-class benefits’. However, they also mentioned similar themes to Cisco around ‘constantly seeking new ways to increase flexibility’ at their properties and offices to ensure team members feel supported. (Stories from Hilton, 2023)

Companies are still struggling to create seamless hybrid working

Four years on from the global spike in remote working, it is surprising that the best workplaces in the world are reporting flexibility as one of their key differences. Working from home is a base-level expectation for workplaces in 2024, but countless companies are still figuring out how to successfully execute this set-up.

According to NTT Data’s 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report, 86% of employers said they were yet to optimise a hybrid working model. And 48% of organisations reported that their staff were still unable to access the technology they needed when working from home—contributing to a deterioration of employee wellbeing. (Tilo, 2024)

Financial perks and extravagant extras are not the key to employee wellbeing

When companies have fundamental problems with their systems, like inefficient remote working processes, then bonuses and fancy Christmas parties only temporarily improve their employee experience.

“Employee engagement isn’t just about the perks and benefits of a job. It’s more about the work that people do in the role itself,” says Victoria Stuart, co-founder of work design platform Beamible. According to her, “the biggest pain point tends to be around workloads”.

Stuart explains that companies can reduce workloads by streamlining their systems and subsequently eliminating low-value tasks. Then, employees are able to focus on work that energises them and generates the greatest results—which can improve overall employee productivity. (Black, 2024)

Smooth technology reduces workloads and improves employee experience

NTT Data’s report labels ‘technology enablement’ as the number one priority for employee experience strategies in 2024. This is when companies have ‘correct and efficient’ tools that allow staff to work seamlessly, benefiting both employee wellbeing and the business output. (Tilo, 2024)

Sophisticated digital systems equip employees to work as a cohesive team, instead of separating into workplace silos. With advanced HR technology, employees can foster better communication, rather than navigating abstract portals and extensive email chains. (Bean, 2023)

Digital systems solve multiple barriers to a positive employee experience

The NTT Data report states that when a company’s technology strategy is aligned with their employee experience strategy, outcomes include increased productivity, improved acquisition and retention, and reduced costs. (Tilo, 2024)

As Global Great Place To Work Ambassador, Neil Solomon, says “Caring for employees isn’t just responsible; it’s a strategic advantage and everyone wins,” (Australian Associated Press, 2023)

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