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Enable Validate

Key benefits include:
  • Mitigation of workforce risk
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved cost control
  • Assurance that only workers with the right experience, qualifications and visas are deployed
  • Improved workforce planning
Enable Validate is a technology solution for Asset Owners in the mining and resources sector to ensure that personnel on site are compliant with site access criteria, approved to mobilise and are recognised every time they seek to return to site.

Unique to Enable Validate is the self-service model where all personnel, employees, contractors and visitors interact with the system, giving a total source of truth to the Asset Owner.

This transparency of who is coming to site and their purpose gives an Asset Owner unmatched assurance that every individual has the right credentials, inductions and expertise to safely fulfil their role on site.

Enable Validate’s rich workforce data provides a range of real time, lag and lead reports, giving Asset Owners a global view and an ability to engage in detailed workforce planning.

Enable Validate is currently used by the world’s largest mining companies and LNG projects and has been operating for over 10 years.

Enable Logistics

Key benefits include:
  • Significant reduction of headcount associated with workforce mobilisation
  • Significant reduction of hard travel costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Mitigation of workforce risk
  • Real time and detailed workforce reporting
  • Improved workforce planning
Designed for Asset Owners in the mining and resources sector, Enable Logistics is a fully automated and robotic solution for managing workforce mobilisation including; rostering, approvals processes and the booking and ticketing of all forms of logistics and accommodation.

Enable Logistics is a workforce technology solution especially configured for a complex mobile workforce where there are multiple sites and multiple roster patterns. It allows real time bookings for commercial and charter flights, car hire and other managed transport, as well as site or hotel accommodation. Enable Logistics is also the only travel management product to combine the application sophisticated and complex business rules, a self-managed service delivery model with automated access to complex travel and accommodation inventory.

Accredited external users (e.g. from contracting or vendor organisations) can make self-service bookings, allowing clients to outsource this function while ensuring all travel booked is compliant with their policy.

Enable Logistics can also provide clients with key reports including: who is on site, travel spend, cost wastage due to no shows and staff forecasting.

Enable Roster Manager

Key benefits include:
  • Fundamental reduction in administration time
  • Improved productivity and workflow
  • Mitigation of workforce risk
  • Improved control of travel costs
Enable Roster Manager is a unique mobilisation and online travel booking tool designed for small to medium businesses. It is exceptionally user friendly (beats Excel) and fundamentally reduces the time to create and administer the rosters needed to manage workforces. In addition, live flight bookings can be made directly from the roster patterns.

Enable Roster Manager allows multiple users to simultaneously create crews, record mobilisation details, generate roster patterns and book flights within a single system. It is the only solution in the market to incorporate both complex roster management and travel booking within one system.

Roster changes are straightforward and reporting on staff movement, logistics and even forecasting is easy.

Enable Roster Manager removes the risk of manual error and reduces the costs of travel administration.

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