One Year On: Reflections From CEO Michael Ivanchenko

Having joined after a recent acquisition, how did you work towards driving an inclusive culture and avoiding the traditional employee divide many companies experience during an acquisition?

Bringing two companies together is always a challenge. A key aspect is being clear on the desired outcome and reason for bringing the organisations together, making sure that the reason is clearly articulated, and we do not lose sight of it as integration progresses. It is easy to be distracted by history and preconceptions as to why the goal needs to be adjusted or is not achievable. Change management is key. For me it is about focusing on the strengths that exist in the two organisations and building on that rather than focusing on the negatives and trying to remove them.

We spent the time developing the values, purpose and identity of the combined organisation. That process is very important in getting everyone on the journey and working in the same direction. The final piece in that integration is the name change we have now announced. It represents that we are so much more than the component parts.

Has your focus shifted over the year, and how so?

My focus at the beginning was “drinking from the firehose” to get up to speed as quickly as possible. The more you get into the role the focus naturally shifts to execution and the future.

A new board, a new executive team and a new company, where did you start?

Lots of listening, lots of questions. Taking the time to understand before acting.

In all your years of experience, what is the one thing about the Kinatico team that stands out to you the most?

It is a common thing I have seen in all successful companies: pride and passion. People care. They care about what they do and why they do it. Our “Why” as a company is, “Powering insights for better, safer workplaces.” It encompasses not just what we do, but why it is important. It means people feel they are making a difference. Having that passion and clarity is imperative for a successful team; and my fellow Kinaticans have it in spades.

What’s next for Kinatico?

We will continue to drive growth with a real focus on making sure it is accretive and profitable growth. We are also always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our product portfolio and geographic reach to make sure we are delivering on the identity of being an aggregator of reg tech.

Any other closing comments?

Onwards and upwards!