Automating Compliance Management

There’s a famous scene in the iconic sitcom I Love Lucy where the protagonist gets a job wrapping candies in a chocolate factory. Although she could keep up with the pace at first, Lucy and her co-worker fell into a heap as the conveyor belt increased speed.

Workforce compliance is a similar story. While an HR administrator or compliance manager can manage compliance matters manually in small organisations, they will quickly become overwhelmed as the business grows. Expiring certifications create a never-ending workload, particularly when combined with the demanding job of chasing colleagues for their certification documents.

Twenty years ago, an (expensive) solution would have been to hire more compliance managers. Today, the answer lies in compliance management automation.

Why Is Manual Compliance Management a Problem?

Attempting to manage workforce compliance manually exposes your organisation to risks, including:

  • Increased payroll costs as more compliance managers are hired
  • Project delays
  • Compliance breaches, related fines and brand damage
  • Frustrated compliance managers who need more time for more strategic tasks.

How to Automate Compliance

At Kinatico, we’ve made it our mission to automate workforce compliance. Our cloud-based digital platform makes it easy to verify and monitor workers right from your desktop while removing time-consuming tasks from your workload.

Here’s how.

Flexible and Powerful Configuration

Enable automation by easily tailoring compliance rules to your specific situation and circumstances. This provides centralised control of your workforce requirements and lets you monitor all types of compliance requirements based on role, location, or project.

Automated Document Collection

Ask any compliance manager about the most frustrating and time-consuming aspect of their job, and their answer will invariably be “chasing people up”.

While some workers or contractors will respond promptly to a request for certification documents, others require multiple emails, phone calls, in-person conversations or escalations before finally taking action. In a large organisation where various certifications are expiring at any given time, this creates an enormous time burden for compliance managers.

Kinatico automates this task by proactively collecting certifications and updates from workers. Automated alerts and reminders for pending certification expiry are sent to compliance managers and the workers concerned. Then, workers or contractors supply their certifications remotely via their mobile digital passports.

Other benefits that drive automation include:

  • A self-service portal for workers and contractors
  • The ability to automatically manage grace periods and exemptions.

Automation Enables Scalability

Kinatico is an end-to-end compliance platform that grows with your organisation. The solution easily scales from a single team to thousands of workers without increasing manual workloads. This is an essential feature for seamlessly managing multiple sites, teams and projects in complex organisations.

Automated Training Notifications

Like certification document collection, chasing up workers and contractors about their safety training and other compliance training takes time and effort. With Kinatico, compliance managers are automatically notified when training is complete or outstanding.

Portable Worker Credentials

Although portability isn’t strictly an automated feature, it does eliminate the manual workload, costs and time involved in redundant and repeated worker checks as people move between organisations.


In the age of tech stacks and connected ecosystems, automation is driven by the ability of different systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. The Kinatico platform provides a REST-based API to integrate with off-the-shelf and bespoke HRIS and ATS platforms, meaning that any updates made in Kinatico will automatically flow to integrated systems.