Webinar: Pairing Technology With Actual Intelligence (Not AI) To Future Proof Your Workforce

Discover strategic uses of technology (applying the data you already own) that will give your organisation an edge in recruiting, onboarding and retention AND deliver ongoing workforce compliance management.

You will be positioned to drive change in your organisation and discover ways to use internal and external workforce data to create new talent acquisition strategies and tactics that help your business break out of the economic downturn as avoid reputational damage.

In this practical, fact-filled webinar we’ll share insights from some of Australia’s most intensely regulated industries and demonstrate how organisations like yours are leveraging technology to future proof their workforce.

Our presenters for the webinar include:

Dale Wootton – National Accounts Director at Kinatico

Ian Pan, Business Development Manager, Subscribe HR

Webinar duration is 45 minutes.

Why you should attend

Key takeaways from this fast-paced event will include:

  • Three ways technology can help you find and retain your talent
  • Common scenarios where your organisation is at risk if you haven’t future-proofed your workforce
  • Three common pitfalls in managing workforce compliance
  • The specific challenges for HR right now & best practise solutions to adapt

Who should attend

This webinar is for you if you are a professional in HR, Talent Acquisition or Workforce Compliance who is accountable for resourcing your workforce to meet your organisation’s strategic targets (or you support someone who is).

If you can’t make the webinar, that’s okay – register anyway and we’ll send you a video link afterwards so you can watch at your leisure. Feel free to send any questions through before the event to marketing@kinatico.com.

Please note, all data you provide through pre-registration will be shared with our webinar partner once you have viewed the webinar. If you do not wish your data to be shared with the partner, please email marketing@kinatico.com detailing the specific webinar.