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Your workers are drawn to the profession for many reasons… But the paperwork isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, it’s a critical part of most roles—and one that’s rapidly consuming more and more time. You’re balancing increasingly complex administration against the mounting pressures of chronic understaffing and turnover, underinvestment, and external scrutiny.

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Find out more about the services already available to you and get ready to detangle your workload.

From hiring to onboarding, right through to daily compliance, the services we specialise in speak to every stage of the employee compliance lifecycle.

With the rise in regulatory requirements and the everchanging legislative landscape across various sectors, more and more organisations are navigating the fall out of avoidable compliance issues, steal the focus of their teams.

Today, we are leveraging over 17 years experience in the credential validation and compliance space and shifting our solution offering to ensuring your Kinatico tech-stack has the ability to monitor and manages issues before they become urgent, giving you the headspace to engage in purpose-driven work more often.

It’s the always-on, low-touch, automation-friendly version of monitored compliance that keeps your workforce active. Because an active workforce is a valuable workforce and Kinatico ensures you can deploy your team with confidence by providing surefire, company-wide, compliance at a glance. There’s no better suite of connected, end-to-end compliance services in the world. When you’re making decisions about your workforce, use Kinatico—for the best visibility, the deepest insights, and compliance you can count on.

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Book In Training For My Team

Understanding the volume of orders your organisation is placing, we recognise turnover is natural across many industries today. With each new employee, you would want to ensure they’re trained in how to use your existing solutions and save you the time in your onboarding process.

Exceptional candidate and employee experience starts from their first interaction with your organisation, in many cases, this is your Kinatico solution.

Bring out the best from your admin users.

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Find out more about the services already available to you and get ready to detangle your workload


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